Your pod from start to finish.


Dig it.

First, we lay the foundations, either mini concrete piles or galvanised steel ground screws. We will ensure that everything is level before we install the base.


Turn up the base.

Now it’s time to install the structural insulated panel base, which is fastened to the foundations to stop it from moving. Before installing the walls we apply a vapour control layer layer for damp proofing.


Hitting a wall.

The next step is to erect the structural insulated walls, Each sandwich panel is fixed to the adjacent one and sealed using polyurethane expanding foam and glue.


Through the roof.

Now it’s time for the roof. We design mono-pitch roofs for our garden pods with just the right amount of pitch to ensure that the water runs off in the right direction! For the roof we use slightly thicker panels for strength and thermal performance.


Keeping the weather out.

Once the roof is on it’s time for the weather sealing. We use maintenance-free EPDM rubber on our roofs, together with a full wrap of Tyvek breathable membrane around the sides. This innovative product allows any trapped moisture on the inside to evaporate through the membrane, whilst preventing any moisture entering from the outside - clever!


Making an entrance.

Next, it's time for the door. All of our pods come with premium-grade aluminium bifold doors allowing a seamless transition from inside to outside!


Putting on a facade.

We work with some of the best suppliers in the UK to ensure that we are only providing the best quality materials for our pods. Our range includes natural and black painted softwood timber and Spanish slate cladding.


Let there be light.

As soon as the pod is watertight, we are ready to start the internals. We apply an internal vapour control layer to prevent any moisture getting into places it shouldn’t. The next step is to install the dry-lining and first fix electrics,, then we are ready for the first coat of paint.


The cherry on top.

The final parts involve laying your flooring, skirting and completing the second fix electrics. Once we are satisfied the final coat of paint can be applied. We will offer up the finished pod for your inspection and quality sign off providing you are happy with everything.


Designed and installed in the UK by two old friends with a passion for design and building.

Olive tree

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